Welcome to PiNet

PiNet bridges Pi's Web3 apps to the Web2 world, making Web3 Pi Apps on any browser available not just to its 55+ million engaged members but also to the vast Web2 audience. Pioneers can share content from Pi Apps through PiNet with friends who are not Pioneers yet, and these friends can instantly access it on pinet.com until login is required, paving the way for easy onboarding to the full experience of the Pi ecosystem in the Pi Browser.

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How Our Process Works

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Step 1: Unlock Your Gateway to Web3

Download the Pi Browser to fully experience Pi’s Web3 app ecosystem where Pioneers engage with Pi apps using their Pi account, propelling the utility of Pi cryptocurrency. In addition, the Pi Browser provides clear visual designs to help you distinguish Pi apps, such as the authentic Pi Wallet, for improved security.

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Step 2: Explore the Pi Ecosystem

The Ecosystem Interface in the Pi Browser showcases curated Testnet and Mainnet Pi Apps built by the community, giving a preview of the potential Mainnet Ecosystem. Explore the Mainnet Ecosystem and try diverse use cases of Pi cryptocurrency!

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Step 3: Start Mining Pi!

Fully immerse yourself in the Pi Network ecosystem and discover the potential of Pi cryptocurrency. Mine Pi through the free Pi mining mobile app through diverse contributions to the network such as validating your human presence and Security Circles, growing the network, and helping create utilities and more. This ultimately puts power into the hands of people worldwide for a fairer, more distributed crypto.