Welcome to PiNet

PiNet is a web-based open platform that revolutionizes the way you interact with Pi Network. Built on Pi Network blockchain technology, PiNet is designed to empower developers to seamlessly create and share their apps freely and openly with all Pioneers who are part of the Pi Network ecosystem.

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What is Our Process?

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Step 1: Download Pi Browser

The Pi Browser is the gateway to Pi’s Web3 app ecosystem where Pioneers can go beyond interacting with content and engage with all Pi apps and their functionalities using their Pi account. In addition, the Pi Browser is the sole platform for interacting with your Pi Wallet and the only secure place for entering your wallet passphrase.

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Step 2: Explore the Pi Ecosystem

The Ecosystem Interface in the Pi Browser is a list of some Mainnet and Testnet Pi Apps built by the community, where people can explore the Mainnet Ecosystem and try diverse use cases of Pi cryptocurrency.

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Step 3: Start Mining!

Get the most out of the Pi Network ecosystem, and experience the full functionalities of Pi apps by using the Pi cryptocurrency. Pi cryptocurrency can be mined through the free Pi mining mobile app by making diverse contributions to the network. Pi community members meritocratically mine Pi tokens on a daily basis for free using their mobile phones, validating their human presence and Security Circles, growing the network, and helping create utilities and more. This ultimately puts power into the hands of people worldwide for a fairer, more distributed crypto.